My options are iui or ivf I'm so broken hearted


I had my femvue done today and doctor said everything looked good except for a cyst I had on my right ovary. He said it shouldn't affect my ability to get pregnant. But my husband has s low count and morphology of 2. Our doctor said <a href="">iui</a> or <a href="">ivf</a> are the options we have. <a href="">Iui</a> is about 1,800 a try and <a href="">Ivf</a> 20,000 to 30,000. I'm started my husband on Total Fertility for men that is supposed to help his count. Our insurance covers nothing and we've already spent 1500 on basic tests and there is still more. I'll never understand how some of us have so much working against us and people that don't even want to be pregnant end up with a BFP.