Response to "do i still count as 'new' to sex" post

-Yes ive been with 11 guys in 11 months

-Im not worried about being 'new' it's just even 4 months after i lost my virginity the guy i was dating just couldnt believe how new i was. I was just talking to someone & i think he asked if i was a virgin (could have been interpreted differently) & replied no & was thinking if i should say "...but im new"

-i love myself. I have self respect. I was raped years ago now im an adult i waited until i was an adult to lose my virginity & i don't want a relationship right now at least i don't think i do. I have sex because i want to. Only 2 guys of the 11 ive had sex with do i regret physically having sex with. Ive never had an sti i stay on top of it & take care of myself. Just because ive had sex & experimented a lot in college doesnt mean i don't love myself.