Help !!!!!!!

I'm so sad !! I Have been with my hubby for 17 years he is wonderful ! But about an hour ago we were talking in phone ( we own a fishing company and he works two hours away there fore he is gone for a week at time)

We were talking about yard work , and then like really close I hured a women's voice ? I asked and he said oh I'm here at the dock getting ready to go eat , then I heard the women's voice again really close to his phone but didn't catch what she said then he says I'm going to go eat well talk later'.... I'm like ok ???? Wait ??? Who's that ?? And he replays I'm at the dock I'll call you later ....

I guess I'm a jealous bitch because I'm freaking the fuck out !!! So I wait and call him back , no answer ? Call him again and he says what's your problem honey I noticed you got made what the fuck is going on with you ???

I'm like me ?? What the fuck is going on with you !!! He says I'm not talking to you this way and hung up !!! Now he won't answer my calls at all !!! We have been together over 19 years marred 17 we have four children and own a joint company. I don't know if it's my pms flaring up or what is going on !!

Please help !!!