Super active baby at 19 weeks

beeee • Daisie Annalise born on her due date 12.03.17 at 9:26 21 inches 8lbs 9oz💕

I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant with a future boxer because my little girl is going crazy. It doesn't even feel like gas bubbles unless she lightly kicks. I feel like my tummy is a wave pool and it actually feels like some serious kicks! I was told I wouldn't feel it for awhile but goodness I must have a strong baby in there. I mean I eat a lot of spinach but I didn't expect this lol. Anyone else have a crazy active baby? Also don't worry if you haven't felt the kicks! My doctor was so shocked I feel them already & told me most people won't feel it until over 20 weeks. Pregnancy is so awesome! I'm a FTM and this makes me excited to try again 😊❤️