Should I buy her a test...? *longish*


So. I moved to this area a little over two years ago, and I've only made one friend. She was my best friend, until she met this total trash guy. I'd been TTC the whole two years, and I am currently pregnant. She has expressed many times before meeting this guy that she does not like kids, they make her uncomfortable and she has never enjoyed them. So when I first got pregnant she decided she wanted to start trying too, not because she wants a kid, "because it would make him sooo happy"

Now, bare in mind this guy has four kids he never sees. He even made her buy one of his kids a birthday card and fake his handwriting and send it for him. He wants absolutely nothing to do with his kids. So for some reason she thinks he wants her to be pregnant. Anyway.

As soon as we found out I'm pregnant she has stopped talking to me. She never comes to see me, she literally only talks to me when she needs something. I will ask her to hang out, she will tell me she has to clean or whatever, then I will find out she hung out with my sister all day. Happens all the time. She has hit me up several times, "omg I'm so sure I'm pregnant this time!" And she never is. As someone who struggled to conceive I understand that but I just feel like, with how she's treated me, why should I care?

So this time she's a week late. She got a test at the doctor the day she was due and it was negative. Her boyfriend of course will not buy her a test so she wants me to. I have "sold" her my old tablet for $80, over a year ago, still haven't gotten the money. I have exactly $13. My boyfriend is the only one who works and we had an unexpected breakdown of his car so we're tight on money. I wanted to go get ice cream but he said I should hold on to my money in case we need it, which I agree with. So, should I go behind his back and buy her a test? I feel like I'm an awful friend for not helping her.

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