I want to be done.

Mannie🌻 • 24.New Yorker.Mainer.Wife.Momma.Step Momma.Photographer🌲✌🏻🌻

I can't emotionally and mentally take it anymore. I feel like a crazy woman. I try to distract myself but nothing works. I try not to care but then something is different and I think what if.. so I take a test. Nothing. Ok maybe I'll wait a couple days and see. Takes another. Omg it looks like something might be there! Waits again. Still no period. Ok let's take one more. There is one more in the box and then I'll be done. If it's not a positive I won't buy anymore tests I'll just move on. Takes the test. Nothing. Days later still no period. I guess I'll buy one more box. And repeat. I'm done. I'm tired. And I'm sad