I really need some help

M. 🌻 • PCOS & Pregnant with our rainbow 🌈❣️🌻
Okay guys, I really need your help, or if anyone had a similar situation please speak out. 
I was on birth control for 4 years, I was extremely regular before & during birth control. I got off almost a year ago and I am not regular at all. I'll have 30 day cycles then I'll have 60+ day cycles, I'm currently over 2 weeks late wit negative pregnancy tests and absolutely no sign of my period besides a weird cramping I've been getting. 
I've recently reached out to doctors because I know my body and this isn't normal, I was told my uterus is likely to be getting sick and that I'm going to need to be tested for my hormones because I want to have kids in the next year or so, so this was hard news for me to take. 
Is there anyone with a similar situation? Or with some insight at all?