TMI! But I need input.

This is our first month really dedicating ourselves to TTC #2, but we've not exactly been preventing it for about three months now. AF is supposed to come Friday, or soon there after because I've been a few days to two weeks off since having my first April 2016. I've thrown up a couple times, keep getting pains in my breasts and crotch, exhausted, had some brown discharge about a week ago that I only discovered when I wiped and stopped by the next day, bloated to the point I haven't bothered wearing pants in a week (love being a SAHM), Have been crying which I never do, but the biggest pain in the ass (literally lol) so far is how weird my bowl movements have been. I've went from constipated to ass burning diarrhea back to constipated and so on. Could this be another sign possibly? I don't remember it being like this with my first. And does anyone have any recommendations for relief? I feel awful.