SO SAD! Heartbreaking!!

** I posted in the wrong group and everyone was all butt hurt about it! My bad! **

Today I ran into an old friend whom I haven't spoken to in a long long while. She is into very different things than me and we just ran out of things to talk about so we grew apart. She's had this boyfriend for about 5 years now, who is also someone else's husband. And they straight up go on vacations together and party every weekend, he spends holidays with her, and lets her borrow his wife's Audi whenever she needs. He takes her out on at least 2 dates a week and even stays the night at her house. Reason number 1 why we started to grow apart, I didn't agree with her lifestyle and it turned me off. So today, she and I are catching up a bit and she starts to tell me about her kids. She has a 16 year old boy and a 7 year old girl and she tells me that her son is lazy as hell and "doesn't do shit" and that her daughter is about to go to her friend for custody and she will send her son to live with his dad. She said he's (her boyfriend) is going to get a large amount of money soon, and that she's moving to Florida with him. I just don't understand how women can live comfortably with themselves and be OK giving away their children so easily when there are women who would die to have those kids loving her unconditionally. She said she's moving to Florida to live her life and to live it up. How can any woman live it up without having or seeing her kids?! 😔😔