Hello all! I'm back...look at all your babies šŸ˜Š


I was a part of this group right at the start when we fell pregnant. Just came back on here after 18 months. I had an ectopic pregnancy at 7 weeks and came off the board. Just wanted to say thank you for all of your support at that time it really helped and that all your babies look gorgeous and bringing a tear to my eye! well I'm back on glow because after 18 months i fell pregnant (4 weeks 3 days) my tests are so faint again and nervous. though this time I have symptoms. Had a scan and nothing seen (good or bad) though uterus is 8mm so that's good. wait to see what the blood test says tomorrow i guess. terrified and brought back all the memories. was even the same nurse I saw! anyway congrats to you all! hope the babies are doing well and nearly one year old already!!! xxx