Your parent(s)/guardian reaction to your pregnancy announcement.

Sunflower • Married with children. 💋

I'm interest in hearing how everyone's parent(s) or guardian reacted when you announced your pregnancy.

How did you do it?

Were they excited? Disappointed? How old were you?

My parents live in another state. I told them over the phone. Nothing crazy. My mom just said she was happy for me and my dad just laughed. It was kind of awkward. Lol... and I told them on Father's Day.

For my second born, I was 25. My parents came to visit and I surprised them with my ultrasound picture. Again, my dad said nothing and my mom just asked if it was my last one...

As you can tell, I don't have the greatest bond with my parents. Lol.

So how about you guys? 🙂