HCG and progesterone levels

Lauren • First time mom to a beautiful baby boy 💙

Hi ladies. So I've had my first bloods back. Getting second round tomorrow to see if HCG is rising appropriately.

I'm paying privately in the U.K. to get these done as they aren't standard out here. After three losses they tested the products of the third pregnancy and was genetically normal, so I wondered if I was perhaps not producing enough hormones.

Results are in for test 1 at 4 weeks (or 3 wks 5 days):

Hcg: 67

Progesterone: 51

From what I've been reading, progesterone is considered good above 20, but the typical upper limit at 4 weeks is 47 so mine is a bit high! I was worried I had low progesterone so this is not a problem!

HCG I understand is a scale of possible normal numbers, but the average around this day in the cycle is between 50-75, and this should increase by between 35%-66% after 48 hrs if it is a viable pregnancy. Fingers crossed for my next round of results!!