It's not easy trying to conceive

Taylor • Wife • Mama to Emersyn + Lennon 💕

When my husband and I started trying to conceive, I wish someone would've told me it's not easy. It's not easy when month after month it's another negative. It's not easy hearing someone else is pregnant. It's not easy hearing some of those pregnancies were on accident. It's not easy being happy for them. It's not easy being asked "so when are you two ever going to start a family?" by friends and family. It's not easy talking about struggling to get pregnant. It's not easy telling yourself month after month "it's okay, it'll happen eventually." It's just not easy trying to conceive.

I know God has a plan and it's far greater than mine. I can only hope that He gives me the opportunity to be a mother someday. To all of you ladies out there in the same boat, I pray that you will become a mom. I pray that those babies find their way into your arms. I pray that motherhood will be in our future. Baby dust to all. ❤️