Every day vs. every other day?

Kristy • 29, Mama to miracle baby girl after 3+ years of infertility, Dog mom, Speech-Language Pathologist, TTC baby #2

Hi ladies! So long story short, my husband's SA came back poorly across the board about 2 months ago. We have both been taking an insane amount on vitamins, and are noticing a difference. We are both also taking Fertilaid, and this month (our second month) I actually got a positive OPK and tons of fertile cm.

My question is- should we BD every day or every other day? My ob told me every other, but after the positive OPK last night (we BDed), I'm wondering if we should also BD the next two days to not miss the window? I know a lot of people have success using that method. We have been BDing every other day since my period ended.

I'm so torn- any advice, success, or tips? After 18 months, we need our little miracle!