Will I be able to get induced 3 days before due?


So I hate complaining and I know everyone's as uncomfortable as I am but I just feel miserable I planned on working till I gave birth and had to leave work yesterday and just won't be able to keep working from here on out which is a bummer I'm in so much pain having constant cramps sharp pains back pain my hips and pelvis will just completely go out sometimes where I literally can't even walk I'm just miserable last Friday I was 1 1/2 centimeters and 60% effaced I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow morning and she's the on call doctor for deliverys tomorrow at my hospital (they don't promise your ob will be the one to deliver because they all take shifts) anyways it'll be the 21st I'm due the 24th and not feeling at all hopefully do you think if I ask her to induce me that night I have good odds of her doing it since I'm so close anyways and she'll be the doctor for that night at the hospital