custody battle

although i'm not ready to fully disclose,

i would like advice and support of others are able to extend..

i'm 10 days away from my Due Date. My baby girl's father had not been active or present during my pregnancy. i've extended and wanted nothing more than his attention and support. but because of our failing marriage and attitude differences- there's been a sense of neglect which led to divorce. I'm battling with myself on filing for sole/legal guardian.

i've informed him of 1 out of 3 options we had

(1) supporting us financially during this time because i can't work

(2) having a notarized agreement of him taking care of his responsibilities

(3) going for child support.

of course he opted for plan 1 but hasn't come though YET.

at this point there is not rectifying our relationship but i did want him present and his emotional support during this time of not for me then for our daughter.

but nothing is working! no matter how much i compromise.

Any advise moms😔😔