Help ladies

Beth • UK 🦄🌈

Help ladies!!

Right ladies I stopped taking my pill around 4months ago now. I had my withdrawl bleed around a week after stopping it and then a few days spotting and then a proper period around 3 weeks ago now... an app that I use tells me I should of been ovulating last week like from the 14th of July however, I took an ovulation test on Thursday and then one this morning and I just can't figure of what is going on.. me and my partner are desperate for a family and it's hard to keep dealing with the BFN what are your opinions on these ovulation tests as I just don't have a clue what my body is doing or when it's doing anything or if it even is and I'm getting quite stressed about it and a little down I have just bought some trying for a baby pills too hoping that they will help.. the photo with the dark floor is from Thursday and the one with the light floor is from this morning, I know getting stressed isn't good I'm just really struggling but don't have anyone to turn too for advice

Thanks ladies!