I felt like a bad mom 😕 gotta healthier

I was feeling like a bad mom because I couldn't eat healthy for shit. I craved fast food and sweets so much I couldn't help but eat those things. This morning was my last time for fast food.

I'm so early on and my baby's development is way more important that me craving bullshit. I'm 10 weeks tomorrow and today is when i snapped into reality.

My number one focus is a healthy baby. I'm giving up excessively eating sweets and fast food. I know it's all for the better. I went and bought my favorite fruits and vegetables. I will give up fast foods 100% I will narrow sweets down to every other week. I also need to be healthy for myself not just my baby. I actually feel a lot better about myself now that I went and spent money on healthy foods.

Next is overcoming my needle phobia. 😒

I know getting test ran throughout my pregnancy to see how I am and where I'm at is important. If I've never had enough maturity now is actually the time. I can do this. 💪🏽