I just found out that I have twin and there's no sign of heartbeat at 9 weeks old


Hi everyone, First of all I have to tell you that I am not good in English so my spelling and grammar might be wrong.

First day of my last period is 27 May 2017

I found out that I'm pregnant on 26 June 2017 then on 4th July 2017 I had a blood came out.

It was not much and it some kind of brown blood. So the doctor U/S me and we didn't see the baby yet.

Then I came back to another U/S on 18 Jul 2017 and we found the baby with a heartbeat.

Doctor said the heartbeat is slow and measuring the baby 6.4 weeks old (0.67 mm)

So my next appointment is on 8 Aug 2017 but one of my friend said that I should change the doctor because she just gave birth and her doctor is really nice and kinda like a famous doctor.

So I made new appointment to see this doctor today 30 Jul 2017.

After discussing about general health. we decide to check the baby heartbeat rate again because last time we checked the heart rate is low.

Now we suddenly found out that there's 2 babies.

Me and my bf are really shock and so happy to see both of them then the doctor said that both of them have no heartbeat and the size of baby A is smaller then last time we checked. From 0.67 cm to 0.33 cm. For baby B the measuring size is way behind only 5.6 weeks and very small too 0.29 cm

Doctor asking me to do the abortion on next Sunday 3 August but I will go to another hospital to get second opinion about this.

Is there's anyone out there have been to this kind of situation? I feeling very sad and confused. It just happens today and I don't know what to do to make the baby healthier and stronger. I ask the doctor and he said there's nothing that I can do but I still searching for a hope to save them both.