7 weeks pp and possibly pregnant??

Bailey • Bailey Nicole

I'm 18 years young and I just had my baby girl 7 weeks ago. I thought I was safe to have unprotected sex because I haven't had a period. Then I found out a couple days ago that NO its not okay. Even when breastfeeding it's still not safe. Im not ready for another baby. I've been having sex since 5 weeks pp. I've been having light cramp;sore feelings where (I think) my uterus is. Could I be pregnant? Should I get a test to make sure? Also 2 days ago I got my first runny nose and sore throat since I've been pregnant and so that caught me off guard. I thought that was odd since that's the first time I've been sick in almost a year.? Hellllllp! I'm stressed!😩 i swear I feel weird I just don't know because when I was pregnant with my daughter I had no symptoms to let me know.