Boyfriend living with us


Im 36 weeks pregnant 20 years old and expecting our first baby. When I found out I was pregnant I was living with my boyfriend but we got in a very bad situation a armed robbery that caused me to feel unsafe to live there while pregnant so we moved back with our moms.

Now once I have the baby I will be going back to college for nursing but online and going back to work within 3 months as a CNA working 3 days 12 hour shifts and rotate weekends. My boyfriend works every week day 7:45-6pm and then 9-8 on thrusdays! We live almost 45 mins apart right now. We only see each other on the weekends because he works so much and I don't just wanna sit over there by myself while hes working.

I really will like for him to move in with us so he can see his baby a lot more than just the weekends by the time he will be getting off he's always so tired to drive to my house and I want him to also bond with our baby. I don't the entire back and forth with a baby every weekend and then I will have to pack all the stuff we need or just buy two of stuff and leave one at his moms.My mom pays 750 mortgage for a 4/3 house. I have my own room and my baby even has his own nursery my mother thought it was best that way and we're really close and my little sisters room is all the way in the back she has her own bathroom so do I. I just don't know how to convince my momma for him to move in ??? She's old school she believes we have to be married or atleast be engaged for him to.

We talked about getting engaged and saving for a house to buy. Of course after I finish school but while in school and both of us working fulltime I will need my mothers help with the baby so I plan on living here for another year or maybe two at the most. So that's why I don't want to move , & with a baby expense & rent for an apartment it will be a struggle for me and him. Should I suggest that we should just go ahead and get engaged and let him talk to my mom about our plans ??

He also will be paying $450 for staying and I also will contribute alil once I get back on my feet. My mother doesn't work due to her having breast cancer so we don't mind helping to pay anything at all. But this beats 900+ rent and other bills by ourselves! Any suggestions from anyone on what we should do ?? Or how I can convince her?? Trust me she's kinda hard to break lol