Missing my Mia Dakoda and feeling horrible

jasmine • Mom of 3 Angels👼🏽

I just had my daughter 8/3/17 she was stillbirth and it hurts everyday that I got so far with her and her heart stops I just don't understand i did everything right no caffeine I ate healthy I just don't understand I don't know what to do I've had two miscarriages and this my first still birth all 2015 2016 and this year I'm young I'm 22 all my babies with the same guy but I'm starting to think I can't have kids now because there hearts stop and this the third time and to get so far and grow a big belly bump I'm thinking she was gonna make it and the worst feeling is having your daughter and not being able to keep her it i just don't think I can have kids anymore and it hurts cause I want my mom to see my child grow up like my two nephews that's are 2 and 1 but I don't think I can have kids so I feel like won't get to happen