HELP!!! Someone give me some advice!!!!!!!!


So I've been seeing this guy for about a few months now. He's so great everything I ever wanted in a man I'm honestly really starting to fall for him which is why I need some advice.. he is from Hungary he only came here during the summer to earn some money working in a local resort where I'm from. We've been inseparable ever since he's got here. He's leaving back home on sept 10 and won't be back again till April. We have got so close since the beginning of meeting each other and I can almost honestly say I can't imagine my life without him! Ive never felt this way about any guy I've been with it just sucks that they guy I'm falling for lives across the country. So with that said do long distance relationship work? I'm hoping I can at least see him once before April but idk if that will happen yet. I need some advice I don't want to lose him 🙁