(This is my first time posting 😁 I love reading and having a place where almost all of the comments are supportive of other moms!) anyway, my son, Silas turned 2 a month ago and doesn't talk. He has had early intervention since 10 months. He had tubes put in February 16 and prior to that everyone would say wait until you see all of the babbling sounds etc that will start then. Those days, weeks, months came and went but still not much (dada, yea, down, and lots of sounds like engines and waterfalls...) he's so sweet, smart and funny! But I'm worried... I took him for a speech evaluation and she shared the same thoughts, he's very smart but something is going on. She thinks he may have a motor planning delay with apraxia of speech. I haven't really talked to anyone about it because even my husband was defensive. I guess I just didn't know if anyone has experience with this? Any support or information would be much appreciated!