Needing some inspiration and some happily ever after stories


It's just one of those days where you feel alone and like no body understands how you feel and how disheartening it can be when AF finally pays you a visit after 8 long weeks without her, weeks where as each day goes by your mind goes into over drive thinking could this be the month I will get my happily ever after. But no, reality kicks in and you realise that that's another month gone by without 2 happy lines on a stick. The torture of not knowing when AF will next visit as your periods are as irregular as the number 1 bus into town. The feeling of frustration and anger as the next family member asks "when are you going to have babies" knowing you and your husband been TTC for 5 years- that's 60 failed attempts of trying and disappointment. The feeling of envy when your friend announces again that she's pregnant and again that it was an accident.

Counting down the months until my next visit to the clinic hoping that my cervix has returned to normal to begin treatment.

Can anyone please share their stories and their happily ever afters to give me some much needed inspiration back so I can shake myself out of the self pity mode I have put myself in.