Its been a long time since this has been happening and I'm too scared to talk to my parents cause I don't want them to think anything and idk if I can get infections from my boyfriend because they don't know I'm active.. but here's what's going on.

I'm having pain in my vagina. I can't have sex because if he touched the bottom of it and it opens it stings like hell!! And every time I urinate it's been getting a lot worse. Ive been getting a HORRIBLE taste in my mouth a few days ago now too! I don't know if the color has changed I think it has on the sides.. it was white and the top of my roof is a little discolored. I have tiny bumps on the back of my tongue and this taste!!! The taste won't go away and I have now idea what is going on. I don't know where to go either because I don't have money but there's a free clinic nearby that my boyfriend is taking me to and if anyone has had anything like this I would love your opinion. I'm really scared and I hope a free clinic can help me because I don't have any money. Could it be a yeast infection in both areas possibly? I just want this to go away already. I waited to see if it'll go away by itself and I think I'm really risking my health now but I'm going to the free clinic on Friday hopefully. Please tell me that someone on here has been through this!!