One tube and trying to conceive


I have been dating my boyfriend for a little over 5 years now , we tried a little over 2 years to have a baby with 1 miscarriage and a lot of heartbreak . I have really bad scarring causing blockage on my left Fallopian tube completely closing it . I got an HSG test to check my right one which is still open thankfully. I got an iud a couple weeks ago to give my self a little bit of a break for about a year I was going to keep it in, but with the amount of pain and bleeding I went through in 2 and a half weeks was tremendous and the fact that lol day everyday running through my mind is babies babies babies. I really have tried everything in the world to conceive my miracle baby with no luck and it is very draining. The iud has been out three days and I am back to trying ! Any tips? Advice ? Help ? In desperate need of anything !