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Tania • TTC ❤️

Hello everyone! My name is Tania. Me & my current boyfriend have been together for 6 months. He has a 1 year old son from his previous relationship. I'm not on any type of birth control and we DO NOT use condoms. My doctor told me that I wouldn't be able to have children in 2016. I wasn't trying to conceive or anything. I felt funny for a couple of days which turned into weeks. Puking, sore breast, frequent urination & sleeping a lot. My best friend and I went to a store because she told me I should take a pregnancy test because she had a dream about "fishes". I took the test after we got back home and 5 minutes later *BOOM* two lines appear. I took the second test because I thought I was seeing things and I wasn't. My eyes weren't deceiving me at all! At this point my I'm crying because I'm not sure how my boyfriend is going to react. We were mad at each other so we weren't on speaking terms AT ALL. My best friend drove my car to his mother's house and me and my boyfriend began arguing. Out of anger I threw the pregnancy test at him and I ran to my car crying as I'm going home I received a text saying he is going to be here for me and my baby. I'm excited to say I'm a soon to be mommy 02/13/18 👶🏼💙❤️🎀