am I being selfish???

Okay this might be long but I just need to know if I'm just being crazy or not. My boyfriend suffers from depression. And that doesn't stop me from loving him or stop our relationship from being amazing because it is. When I said yes to dating him I said yes to the good and bad. Just needed to give a little background. Whenever I send him a cute photo, try stuff on and send it to him, show him outfits when he's at my house or like even get fully ready for a date, he shows nothing. I usually have to ask him 20 Qs like if I look okay, does he like it, etc. and usually I get a "yeah it's good". It makes me feel like I'm not exciting or that I must not look that good because he's not really there. It hurts a lot because I love him and I just want to hear a "wow" or feel like I stopped him in his tracks you know. I have brought it up before(not in an argumentative or attacking way) and it's turned into an argument. Tonight he told me he doesn't show excitement because he's been let down so many times in life that he's closed up. And I just have to deal with it. And I get that that's what's happened and that I need to respect his boundaries, but I also feel like if I say that it hurts me when he does that he should respect that too. I just don't know what to do about it because honestly it hurts so much that I can't just deal with it. Any thoughts?