High Risk For Spina Bifida

March 21st, 2017 I gave birth to my Daughter, Ansley Palmer. Palmer was a stillborn, and she had Anencephaly. If anyone is unaware of what anencephaly is, it is where the baby's brain doesn't fully develop. I was 22 weeks when my daughter was no longer alive in the womb. It has definitely been a devastating journey for my husband and I. August 8th, 2017 I found out that I am currently pregnant now, and somewhere around 4 weeks :) my obgyn had discussed with me that I am a high risk pregnancy for Spina Bifida. she currently has me on Folic Acid and a Prenatal Plus to help reduce the chances of Spina Bifida occurring. If everyone would keep my husband and I in your prayers for a healthy child this time, we would be beyond thankful. I hope my story reaches out to someone with the same circumstances or similar circumstances, and gives you lots of Hope for a healthy child. 💕