Truths about morning sickness and baby's gender ?


This being my 3rd attempt at child #2, I have NEVER felt so sick... And it's literally all day. Maybe I've had it lucky ? I have a 5 year old son and that pregnancy for me was WONDERFUL, from beginning to end ! The second still birth was a boy and I never felt too bad but I was on bed rest for about 13 weeks before we lost him. At 27 weeks I went into labor and for sure, it was a beautiful baby boy. The miscarriage in March I lost at 8 wks, passed it at 10 weeks, so I don't know, boy or girl.

Has anyone had any experience where their girl made them more sick than their boy ? Or vice versa ?

Just curious, I've heard a few times that one or the other made the mom more sick, but just curious to see what kind of experience might be out here.

I'm approx. 6wks 2 days.

Thank you ladies, for the input :)