I'm gonna be an auntie!

last night after work i went over to my brother and sis in laws house for dinner, and to cut his hair. I walked inside said my hellos and came to the kitchen. on the counter was a little baggy they gave me and told me to open it. I pulled out a little piece of paper and it had a little peanut baby on it! legit started crying so hard, haha. then in the bottom was a pair of little Batman booties with capes on them (obsessed with Batman) through my ugly crying I said "I don't care if it's a boy or a girl this kid is gonna rock these" through all my friends telling me they're gonna be mommies of course i get excited. But I'm so excited and emotional over this, and I'm not even the one making a tiny human! anyway. blabbing over here. But,ladies! I'm gonna be an auntie! my brother and I lost our mom this December. so this was the best news i have gotten in a while! anyway she's only 7 weeks and wants to keep things quiet til she's in the clear with things. But I can't contain my excitement. so I had to tell