SO bought his pregnant GF a cig!

So exactly 3 weeks ago today i was in need of a smoke. i called my SO asking if he would please grab me a single! just one, because i knew he wouldnt buy a pack. he was upset that i even dared ask him but then surprisingly said he would!! He comes in, brings it to me with a smile And says this is all they had. i smoke it, and about two puffs in i feel extremely nauseous, and proceed to puke my brains out! after he bring me some soda and asks if im okay. i tell him that was the worst expirence ive ever had! He laughs and say im sure my baby would agree. needles to say he has no clue what he bought was called but that it was like $2 for a pack and he new i wouldnt like it and i havent touched a smoke in 3 weeks. whenever i smell them or get the urge i get nauseous and immediately think of that last horrible smoking experience. My love did what he felt he needed to do and successfully helped me to quit! i am forever greatful for him and his tricks. lol. if you Are A mommy trying to quit, maybe try something you dont normally smoke. something cheap. and maybe just maybe it will turn you off completely. good luck moms. you can doit.!