Cautiously excited!

Heather • Married 11 years, Mommy to 2 angels, a 2 year old rainbow baby, and due 3/5/21!

So, my husband and I have been trying for about 8 years, with 2 miscarriages. One was a partial molar, the other I had a blood clot. The second one we saw the heartbeat at 6 and 7 weeks, but it was gone by week 8. That one was extra brutal.

We just did our 5th round of femara/trigger/TI, and it worked! Our RE put me on "triple therapy" - progesterone, Prednisone, and baby aspirin - to hopefully prevent anything going wrong.

My 4w2d beta was 583, and 4w4d was 1282! First ultrasound is scheduled for 8/25. So don't want to have to wait!!!