Why am i spotting? am i pregnant? please reply assp

i'm on a combination pill and i take it daily but the time of night i take it varies. about 5 days ago me and my bf were messing around in underwear, we dry humped and the only thing between us were his boxers and my thong which kept moving, he didn't cum but scared about pre cum and he fingered me (a few min after touching his penis) for the past 2-3 days i've been having brown discharge, which i have never had between periods. my period is due in 9 more days, i took a test today and ur was negative. i also started on 20 mg of an antidepressant a few days ago and i'm not sure if the hormones in that caused the spotting or the fact that he fingered me and i haven't been fingered in a while, but i've been worrying that it's implantation spotting. could i be pregnant?