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Okay so my ex (also the father of our child) got his girlfriend pregnant like right when they got together. She has copied everything that I have done so far! She had the exact same baby shower theme as me, wore the same dress I did except in a different color at the baby shower, is going to be using the same pediatrician I use, keep in mind it's just because I'm using that doctor because she asked my ex to ask me what doctor I used for our son just so she could use him (I didn't tell him but somehow he found out anyway). She looked up the OB that I used (like literally got my ex to help her figure out which doctor I used to deliver our son) She's even naming the child Greyson, which was what I almost named my son, like it was #2 on my name list and I was actually going to use it for my next child.😂 I know I shouldn't be bothered but I really am, at first with the baby shower thing I thought that was just a coincidence but she has literally kept on doing EVERYTHING that I've done. And it's kind of weird.😐 Like WHY CAN'T YOU JUST BE ORIGINAL???