Hey guys!

So if I'm ever horny and want to masterbate I usually wait until 12-1am because I know my parents will be sleeping then (I'm 19. yes, I live with my parents)

So anyway. Yesterday I decided why the hell not and masterbated. (Quietly as possible) When I was done I got up to go pee like I always do, and I got this weird feeling that my mom was still awake. Like a sign. So instead of going to the bathroom. I go the opposite way to the kitchen. On my way back to my room I went to the bathroom, passing my parents room and I see my mom was indeed still awake.

Freaking out, I sit on the toilet praying she didn't hear me and I hear my phone go off 2 time telling me I have 2 new text messages.

After I peed I walked back into my room praying it wasn't my mom telling me she heard me masterbating. Sadly, it was indeed my mom. THANKFULLY, all she asked was for me to bring her an oatmeal pie since I was still awake.

Close one.

Have you ever had a close call? If so share it below.