Progenity Genetic Testing Bill!

Kinda stressing out! I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant and when I was 13 weeks pregnant my OB offered me the Progenity Genetic Testing. I had been told in the past it would cost 500$ so I wasn't planning on getting it done. But when I talked to my OB he told me that with my private insurance the most I would have to pay out of pocket would be 100$ or less so I decided to get it done. Today I got a bill in the mail from Progenity for 481$ so when I called Progenity to ask about my insurance coverage I was told that it was out of network but my insurance agency had issues me a check at the end of July for the full amount and I would just pay them the check. So I found the check along with an explanation of benefits from my insurance agency today and Progenity charged my insurance 26,000$ for the testing. They only paid 481.00. Which means I owe the provider 25,518 dollars according to my explanation of benefits. I'm stressing out. Of cours Progenity offices are closed tonight to find out. Has anyone had this happen to them before?