Wowww wtf

Sooo me and this guy I've been talking to were about to go on a date. And we agreed that I'd pick him up. Which wasn't a big deal. So when he gets in my car he gets in with his gun. And has it in his hand where I can see it. It wasn't tucked away or on his hip. So I asked was he licensed to carry because other than that he can't have that in my car. He told me no he wasn't but he brings it because all kind of crazy shit happens in the world. So I told him I won't move my car until he goes and puts that up.. so he went in the house put it up, snd grabbed a smaller one and tucked it away and hid it from me. And still got in my car with a gun. I had a fit and left him at the restaurant because at this point I felt he completely disregarded what I said. Had anything went wrong and we got pulled over he could've made me lose my car, that i worked my ass of to get by the way!! Was I wrong for leaving him? This is not the type of guy I'd want to even be around. Seriously

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