19 year old

So I started talking to this 19 year old, he's so perfect in like every way. Well we just recently facetimed and stuff and he asked my age and I was like fuck well I told him I was 16 and when I realized I fucked up I mumbled that I was about to in like 3 months, well I'm like 99 percent sure he didn't hear it and he basically introduced me to his whole family over FaceTime bc he is living in Chicago for business right now and I feel like such a liar because his little sister was like "she's 16?" And I feel really bad about it but we're only 3 years apart. I feel like if I tell him I'm actually 15 he'll get kind of mad or think I'm a liar. Has anyone else been in this situation? His family seemed to be really sweet and I really like this guy and we've been talking for a long time.

UPDATE: I'm about to turn 16 in 3 months. He already turned 19 this year; so he's only 3 years older. It's not illegal, I mean I don't get why people can date people up to 20 years older and it's fine but since I'm not 18 it's not okay. I know the guy very well not just from my point of view and from others; and he's been single for 2 years because sex is all girls wanted HIM for.

Like I said I do know him very well and he has never been the type of guy that just wanted sex. Of course it is illegal to have sexual contact bc of our age, and I'm okay with that. I don't have any sexual desires with him but I do want to see how things go with him. My ex was the type of guy that only ever wanted sex and so it's hard for me to think that another guy only wants me for me but I haven't met this guy yet and he's already so perfect to me; and he thinks the same.

SECOND UPDATE: I told him yesterday and he said that he heard me over the phone say I was about to turn 16 instead, and he wasn't mad or anything but that he already knew. He said that he just told his family that I was 16 already because they were freaking out I guess. We're not dating or anything just talking sort of but we haven't even made that official yet either. I understand that being 15, to most people, is looked upon as a kid and saying that I'm talking to or planning on dating a 19 year old? That sounds horrible and I 100% get that. This guy is literally the sweetest guy I have ever met. And I mean that quite literally. Everytime we FaceTime my face hurts because he makes me smile the entire call. We talk about stupid and weird things like aliens and alternate universes and I think that's what draws me to him even more. He is very different and he said the first time we meet he wants to go on a hike with me bc we both love hiking. He's never once said anything sexual towards me or made me feel like an object.