Amount of children


How many kids do you want? Please do not get offended by this post because it is a half-formed opinion and everyones situation is unique. This was not written to offend anyone or to judge anyone.

I had a conversation with my sister that changed my thinking. I used to want 2-3 kids, and to have a larger family, I thought having just one would be selfish and that the child would be self centered and spoiled. My sister is the oldest of our family and I wanted her opinion. She told me that prior to the birth of my brother and I, she was happier. My parents were less stressed and had more time to dedicate to her.

Her boyfriend is also the oldest and feels the exact same way. She said she would rather put all her energy into raising one child well. I reflected on this and realized that she has been the most stable and successful child in our family. I thought that It it would be unfair to raise a child without a sibling, but now I dont know what to think because I just want the best for my future child or children, as my childhood was not good. I am DEFINITELY NOT saying its bad to have more than one kid, please do not think that. I am just asking for logic based reactions and thoughts, that could help me make a decision,.