Buying before Baby Planners

Emily • 20, Married to my love🌹💍 Angel mom of 3. Rainbow baby due September 2019

I know there are some of us who are mega planners (such as my self) and you want to be prepared for your first baby, even if you aren't pregnant yet! Stashes and stock piles will be your best friend! This will also help mom's to be on a budget. I suggest (what I do) is only gender neutral newborn items! Also, the best places to start looking when you're still TTC is a TJ Maxx store, or a Ross dress for less store. You can find very good items and new selections every week. But wait, you can't get diapers and wipes there! I think the best thing to do for diapers is to make a Jar, and put in a certain amount either every week or every other so you are ready to get diapers that you really need instead of stock piling. And remember, unopened wipes have a 2 year shelf life, so these are okay to stock pile!