TTC month 8 and relaxing


This is our 8th month TTC, in the past I have been very diligent about tracking, checking every little thing, depriving myself of full strength (soul soothing) coffee or a nice glass of cabernet. But this month I took a relaxed approach. I had my coffee every morning, wine most nights. I didn't lay with my legs in the air until my feet went numb. Other than using Preseed for the first time I didn't really do anything I've learned I should be doing. I DID have a lot of amazing sex with my husband. And now that I'm in my TWW I've decided to remain calm, I'm not going to Google every little pregnancy symptom I think I have, I'm not going to test, I'm not going sit around obsessed with the thought of a sperm making it to my egg successfully. I know that it can take a healthy couple awhile to conceive so I'm not going to stress over it, I will pray, and let it happen when it happens. baby dust to you lovely ladies!!!