5 weeks constantly worried


I have my first doctors appointment on Monday but I am so nervous that one of the following will/has happened:

1) the baby stopped growing ages ago but I still have pregnancy symptoms.

2) the baby stopped growing ages ago and I'm mistaking symptoms for regular illness.

3) the baby will stop growing even if hasn't already.

I feel like I actually can't enjoy being excited because I'm so nervous about these things I constantly think about them and it's really getting me down.

I actually got pregnant on my first try so my husband tries to make me feel better by saying we'll just try again but it doesn't make me feel better.

I think it might be I've wanted to have a baby for so long and timing is finally right but maybe my subconscious is like still in shock it's actually happening and it's a weird defense mechanism so I'm not too disappointed if it happens?

How do other people deal with this worry? Does it get better?

I know I have 82.4% chance of having a baby but that also doesn't help.