So ladies, Iv booked private gender scan I have it in like over 2 weeks I told my husband bout it n he doesn't seem happy bout it and I asked why after massive argument we had and he says ok many scans can be bad for the baby and I told him no don't be silly in totally when we reach out due date in Feb we would had maybe 4 scans through it the pregnancy,

I told him other women have 7-9scans if They have complications and it's not proven that scans can be harmful, and then I said I'm perfectly healthy and there no reason that's having this scan can be dangerous but i think he's still in 2 minds,

Can any of you offer advice on ur experience maybe so I can put his mind at rest Iv googled it and really gone into research but he's says googles lies and I just turn around and said for a joke well I got all A* On my homework from google when I was at school