Do i need to wake my baby at night?

so i slept in my 1 month old daughters nursery so she could finally sleep in there cus i didn't want to leave her alone or rely on the monitor... and idk if it was a coincidence... but that girl SLEPPTTTT. i took her a bath and fed her at 11, and put her down to sleep almost at 12... she woke up at 3:30am and had not even 1oz and sleep straight back to sleep, and then she woke up again at 6:40 and had not even 1oz and fell back to sleep... is that normal? should i force her to eat more? i say it was an easy night cus it only takes her like two minutes to drink not even 1oz lol so i literally only lost no more than 5min of sleep last night. that being said, do i need to force her to eat or let her sleep? usually at night she drinks the full 3-4oz and is awake a good 1-2hrs at a time before she falls back to sleep!!