Prayers for a Friend Appreciated πŸ’”


I have a dear friend of 18 years that needs everyone's prayers. Her and her husband thought they would never get pregnant. They finally did; she carried him full term, everything was good at every checkup, He was born on Friday. His daddy was deployed and couldn't be there for the birth, but he was able to come home shortly after to meet his much awaited baby boy, but within 24 hours of him being born he was rushed back to the hospital in critical condition. They ran all kinds of tests. They didn't know what was wrong. They still don't, but baby Ryan passed away at 4 days old... My friend and her husband wanted this baby so much, and they are completely heartbroken, as is everyone! They don't know where to turn or what to do. All prayers and good thoughts are greatly appreciated! We're all so heartbroken! πŸ’”πŸ˜­ Rest easy, sweet baby boy! You have no idea how greatly missed you are! πŸ’”