Is it too early?


I am on CD 25 today- not sure which day I O'd because DS1 is waking up too often at night for me to get a solid chunk of sleep so I can temp. I do know it was sometime between CD 14 and 17 (wide range, I know) based on CM. AF is due in 4-5 days, so I took a first response test this morning because they claim you can test 6 days before your missed period. Am I out for the month, or is testing today still too early? We were really praying for our BFP this month so I can take a maternity leave that is backed up to summer vacation (I'm a teacher). With DS1 I only got 2 weeks off and it killed me. What do you guys think- too early, even though they claim 6 days before AF, or should I stop getting my hopes up this month?