Feeling fat

Samantha • I am 29 years old, pregnant with baby #1. 💙💙expecting a boy!!💙💙 02/05/2018💙. I own a house with my fiancé in the country, we cannot wait for the adventure to begin! 🤰🏼

I'm 15 weeks pregnant with #1 and don't feel pregnant at all! I just feel FAT!! I am just over 200lbs and don't check my weight, as i know it will upset me! My SO will rub my stomach and talk to it... VERY cute but sometimes I cringe because I just feel he's rubbing my fat :(. He reassures me I'm beautiful and glowing! But it still doesn't help how feel! I can't wait to be showing enough where I don't feel just fat, but there's a reason for it! I'm sure I'm not alone but just needed to vent about it! UGH! Common baby!!