I had a M/C at 9 weeks but didn't know until June 20th when everything passed. I called the doctors a few times with concerns and they just kept telling me it was common and not to worry. Just brushing me off when I knew something didn't feel right. Sure enough I had a regular check up a few days later and no heartbeat.

I wish there was more information out about why these things happen. I also wish more people talked about it and didn't make it out to be this horrible subject that can't be discussed. It would have made it easier for me to know how common it actually is. It doesn't make it any less upsetting but just to know that it wasn't anything we did.

It took a month for all of the light bleeding and spotting to end. That was the horrible part not only a reminder everyday of what happened but it was so uncomfortable for that entire time.

Anyway now it has been two months and we have started trying again and according to charting this week is the best week so fingers crossed. I'm hopeful we will be okay but I am scared it'll happen again. Definitely not telling anyone until I can't hid it anymore. Well except my husband.